As most of you know, Caleb is in town!   Once I knew about his arrival, I was quick to call Estella – I needed to book my days with him before he became too busy with his California family and friends.  Estella was a sweetheart and I was able have him for the whole weekend – from August 4th through August 5th.  Our agenda?  Check out the pictures below to see what my weekend with Caleb involved.

Saturday – August 4th, 2012

After picking him up at his Grandparent’s house, we headed to the church to pick up a few other kids – our destination…POOL PARTY!!  I was kind of concerned about the Youth Pool Party because the day before it actually rained.  Luckily the day was BEAUTIFUL!  The sun was out and the kids had a blast splashing in the pool.

When first arriving, Caleb decided to wait until after eating lunch before jumping into the water.  Lunch (huge hot dogs and nachos) was served about 20 minutes after our arrival, so luckily he didn’t have to wait long.  Once he was fed, he enjoyed the cool water.  He spent the rest of the time in the pool.  He swan from end to end, practicing the different strokes; back stroke, forward stroke, underwater stroke…okay, I’m making the names up, but you get the idea.  Since Caleb was comfortable in the water and practicing his strokes, I wasn’t as fearful about him drowning like when Annette and Josh were in the pool.  I did watch him with my hawk eye though because I love my Caleb and wanted to make sure he stayed a-okay!

Then after the Pool Party we headed to Ventura.  First we went to Bobby’s house to see a movie, “Roger Rabbit”.  While there, we ordered pizza (Caleb’s choice for dinner) and enjoyed the fun antics of Roger Rabbit.  I could tell from the giggles that Caleb enjoyed it.  His favorite line was, “Oww!  My biscuits are burning!!” LOL

The picture above is where we headed after the movie.  Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures while at Bobby’s house.  So after watching the movie it was almost 8pm.  Since both Caleb and I had to be up early the next morning for church, I decided we should head home…but first we stopped at the Coffee Bean.  Earlier that day Caleb said he liked coffee and I promised him we’d get some.  And yes, we ordered decaf.  I had a regular mocha and Caleb ordered a dark chocolate mocha.

Once home we each took a shower to wash off the summer sweat and pool chlorine before we got into our pajamas and watched a few episodes of DuckTales, again Caleb’s choice (and a good one too)! :D

Sunday – August 5th, 2012

Sunday morning we were up at 8am.  I made some coffee and fixed Caleb some waffles.  He happily ate while watching DuckTales and while I got ready for church.  Heading out the door Caleb said, “That coffee was good!”  Oh how I love this boy!! ;)

We picked up the Fosters and then drove to Bethany Chapel in El Rio.  I walked Caleb to his Sunday School class and then I headed up to my class (I”m teaching the Youth kids while Rachel is on maternity leave).  After class, I headed back down and asked Esther, Caleb’s Sunday School teacher, if I could get a picture of Caleb with her.  She agreed and I took the above photo.  I think they both came out great!  Esther said Caleb was a good student and that he had a talent for drawing.  Caleb showed me his picture and I just had to take another photo.

For lunch we headed to Montezuma’s and again I forgot to take pictures.  I had asked Caleb if he liked Mexican food and he said, “Not really”, and I go, “Oh…”  Then he said, “but I do like quesadillas”, and I said, “okay, then we’re going to Montezuma’s for lunch!”  Caleb enjoyed his quesadilla and I enjoyed my delicious cheese enchilada and tamale. :)

After eating such a yummy meal, we were ready to head to Grandma Tanny’s house.  Grandma was excited to see Caleb and we clicked a few pictures of her with him.  Auntie Rose was there too and so we took some more pictures of Caleb with Auntie.  Then we had a grand ol’ time while Bobby took our pictures and then distorted them with an app he had on his phone.  Let’s see…he made us fat, then old, then he mixed our photos together to see how we’d look if say Caleb was mixed with Eric, or if I was mixed with Auntie, and so forth.  We all laughed as we saw the different pictures.  I might have to ask Bobby for a few copies to share with you all.

While at Grandma’s we found this on a tree.  It caused a debate as to what it was…a lemon, a grapefruit, or a hybrid of some other citrus like an orange or something.  Venessa and Bobby thought it was a grapefruit – Auntie Rose declared it was a lemon – Grandma at first thought it was a grapefruit but then when she asked which tree we plucked it from she said it was a lemon – I had no idea whatsoever because it was huge and I’ve never seen such a huge lemon.  Plus is didn’t smell like a lemon, more like an orange. So to find out for certain we cut that sucker open and discovered it was indeed a lemon!  Wow!

Grandma was gracious enough to serve us some cookies and root beer.  It was a fun time with family!

Next on our list of things to see and do was Port Hueneme.  Linda likes when I take the kids to Hueneme and share with them the areas where their mama grew up.  First we stopped at Anacappuccino – I know it wasn’t there when we were growing up but it is right next to Wendy’s and that has some significance since all us Herrera sisters worked there at one time or anther.  After ordering our drinks we walked down to Willowbrook Dr.  A picture by the good ol’ street sign.

If was fun telling Caleb about different events like when we heard the ambulance’s siren while visiting Auntie Emily, about trash diving, about the time we broke into a house next door with Dad and Mom, about the police jumping the fence and taking our fireworks, and other fun stories like that.  I had Caleb laughing at a few of our Herrera adventures!

We ended our tour of Hueneme at the beach – always a fun surprise!  Caleb had no idea (although Auntie Rose mentioned the beach during our visit…and I had to hush her) we were going to end up at the beach.  As we were crossing the street I asked him if he knew where we were going and he said no.  As we got closer I asked him again and he said, “The park?”  Then I gave him a hint and told him how Grandpa Joe use to fish off the pier…he still didn’t know.  LOL, he was clueless until the beautiful ocean was in view.  Then he became excited and said, “The beach!”

We walked the pier, played in the sand, dug for sand-crabs, and got a little wet!  Yes, truly a memory making moment.

Before giving Caleb back (LOL), Bobby and I took him to Wendy’s and we enjoyed our last meal together.  After being seated I pulled out my phone (I used my phone camera since I had forgotten my regular camera) and asked Caleb, “Let’s get a picture.  I promise, this will be the last one.  So are you tired of taking pictures?”  And Caleb’s answer?  He shyly replied, “Yes”.  I snapped a few more and then we were done for the  night.  He was such a sport!

I had a wonderful time with my nephew and I hope he enjoyed his time with his Auntie.  Hopefully the memories we created during our weekend together will stay with him (and me) for many years!

I do have a LOT more photos to share of our weekend and will eventually add them to my blog (in an album).  Then I’ll share the link here.